Privacy Policy

Here we collect our privacy policy and information about GDPR. This information exists so that you as a visitor can feel safe here at It is your right to know how we process your information.

Responsible for personal data and privacy issues:

As a company, we must have legal support to be able to collect personal data. In specialist language, it is called “having a legal basis”. We assure that we do not collect more information than is necessary to provide you as a visitor with the user experience and service you expect.

What personal data do we store? stores very limited personal data. This is an information site with information for you who want to find the best telescopes. We do not collect name, address or other contact information from you as a visitor.

However, via third-party services such as Google Analytics, we collect information about your user behavior. For example, we can see which pages you have visited and how long you have been on the site.

However, we cannot connect that information to you as a person. We can never see social security numbers, names, addresses or phone numbers. You can therefore feel secure in the fact that you remain anonymous when you use


We take no responsibility for any personal data collected by third parties after you have left our site. For example, if you click on one of the links on the site and then end up in an e-commerce that collects names and social security numbers (which e-commerce companies usually do), then this collection of information is not affected by our privacy policy and it is beyond our responsibility. Each website is responsible for how they handle personal data.

Nor can we guarantee that all sites to which we link comply with the GDPR and that they have a reasonable privacy policy. Having said that, we do our best to only link to credible and serious actors. Please contact us if you suspect that one of our links leads to a site that we should not recommend.