More about us is your independent online guide that helps you find the best telescopes and learn more about space. We strive to be completely objective so you can make the right decision when buying a telescope and accessories.

Our ambition and our vision is that everyone looking for the best telescopes should have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

How we make money is independent and will remain this way. With this in mind, how do we make money?

The answer is that we finance this service through so-called affiliate marketing.

This means that we earn a commission on any sales that occur after you or another visitor clicks on a link and then buys a telescope from one of the retailers.

You, the buyer, neither pay more nor less for your telescope. The price is exactly the same as if you had gone directly to one of the stores. The commission is the responsibility of the seller, and it is taken from their marketing budget. They pay us instead of, for example, advertising online or in the daily press.

Are we then not dependent on these partners and thus biased? No, not at all. Firstly, we base our tips on various independent tests that have already been conducted. Secondly, each retailer has a multitude of different models. It is just up to us to choose exactly which one to recommend.

In other words, you can see it as a win-win situation. You get unbiased tips and reviews from different tests. We then receive a small compensation if you decide to make a purchase.

Author and expert

To help us write the texts, we reached out to Hans Lindblom who is an expert in astronomy and telescopes. He has developed a solid competence both professionally and privately.

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