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When you get to Telescopeguide, you will see a popup with information about cookies. There you have the option to accept web cookies or to waive them. This is your right under the GDPR. uses the following cookies

Session cookies: A type of cookie that is temporary. As soon as you close your browser, these cookies will disappear.

Persistent cookies: These cookies remain on your computer until you or a program deletes them. They can also end by their default date expiring.

First party cookies: These cookies are ones that we decide on ourselves.

Third party cookies: These cookies make up the majority of all cookies and are defined by third parties such as Google.

The cookies we store may be a combination of these. For example, session cookies that we set or that third parties are responsible for. Alternatively, permanent cookies that we are responsible for or that third parties put in.

Why do we use cookies? has cookies in order to offer a better user experience for you as a user. They are used to create anonymous statistics about how users move around the site.

Other cookies are linked to marketing and to be able to track the affiliate activity that we generate. These are the links that are referred to as “advertising links”.

There are two types of cookies that are particularly important for you to be aware of:

Google Analytics: Sets cookies to create anonymized statistics

Affiliate cookies: Cookies that are timed to mark if any of the visitors made a purchase after visiting